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Street Scenes and People Paintings

These works are all painted in oils. I use a direct painting style, or wet in wet style for the most part. Artistic inspiration for these comes from life experience, living in London England for a 6 year period, and travelling in Europe. These paintings pre-date my landscape paintings. On the early works page you will see some of my first paintings, including my very first painting.

Many of these paintings as well as several of the early works exhibit a strong emotional expressionist quality.


painted light through doorway
  In the Light


expressionist urban landcsape   The Moment Oil/Canvas


painting of Spanish street
  Spanish Oil/Canvas
Painting of barcelona
  Barcelona Streets Oil/Canvas


Painted in Vcancouver
The Observer Oil/Canvas Old corner store scene   Robson & Denman Oil/Canvas


Pastamelli Denman St.
Denman Street Oil/Canvas Child's bedroom painting   Blue & Pink Oil/Canvas


bedtime painting
  Starlight Starbright Oil/Canvas child's portrait   I wonder Oil/Panel


portrait drawing
  Uncle Carbon pencil & colored pencil Silk FM Radio Sation   Silk FM Commission Oil/Panel


To view some even earlier paintings please visit Early Works


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