J   O   H   N          R    O   C   H   E   L   E   A   U


Modern Sculpture

Modern, contemporary, or abstract, are words that might describe the sculpture by John Rocheleau. His sculptures are powerful and expressive. Almost New Age in feeling, they convey inner energy, and a sense of personal struggle for freedom and spiritual growth. His work is sensual and rhythmical. Each piece is carved from an inner guidance. Various sculpting materials are used, such as alabaster, wood, cement, and metal.

These unique sculptures are available for sale direct from the artist. Paintings for sale can be found on the Paintings in Studio pages.



Mixed media abstract sculpture
Apple wood, masonry, pigment, copper
Alabaster abstract
Breaking Free     Potential    


Alabaster abstract
White alabaster
Mixed materials sculpture  
Apple wood, masonry, pigment, copper
Transitions     When I Awake    


Orange alabaster sculpture
Orange alabaster
Alabaster abstract sculpture  
White alabaster
Androgynous     Madonna    


Iron wood sculpture



Desert ironwood

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