Kelowna Artist

John Rocheleau

John Rocheleau is a Canadian artist who was born and raised in the city of Kelowna, British Columbia. He has been creating art for over 30 years, and his work can be found in private collections and galleries all over the world. Rocheleau’s paintings are known for their bright colors and bold brushstrokes, which reflect his passion for life and love of nature.

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the artist’s background, his creative process, and some of his most famous works. John Rocheleau is an artist working in the realm of mixed media and sculpture. His works are unique in their combination of found objects, found documents, vibrant colors, and reinterpreted objects that have been salvaged from garage sales, thrift stores, and yard sales. This integration of materials allows him to explore various themes such as consumerism and nostalgia. He particularly likes to experiment with abstract art and often integrates tromp l’oeil with tangible textures that speak to a common history and aesthetics.

Another subject matter he enjoys exploring is mortality; through his artwork, he weaves together a narrative on both personal emotion as well as larger social forces at play. Aside from his primary series on abstracts and tromp l’oeil works, Rocheleau regularly creates custom installations tailored towards local environments or special occasions. With each project, he delves deeper into understanding personal stories while creating pieces that can be experienced by not only the eyes but also the ears, nose, and skin of viewers. Ultimately, he offers spectators a multi-sensorial experience that aligns utilitarian items with feelings of nostalgia, humility, joy, and sorrow. In sum, John Rocheleau fuses objects to create thought-provoking multimedia pieces that focus predominantly on consumerism, mortality, and nostalgia. His works offer intimate glimpses into every day yet demand the beholder’s consideration of larger issues evident in our culture today.

Flora and Fauna

Renowned for his detailed portraits of flora and fauna, John Rocheleau has become one of the most celebrated contemporary artists in North America. His work can be found in museums, art galleries, and private collections around the world. Just a few of his most iconic pieces include ‘The Dance,’ a stunning oil painting of a puma prowling through a dense evergreen forest; ‘Call of the Wilds,’ an acrylic masterpiece featuring a majestic wolf perched atop a shallow cliff-top; ‘Rhapsody on Wings,’ an avian ode to freedom captured using watercolors, and ‘The Starburst Crown,’ an imaginative mixed-media celestial portrait made up of vibrant, multicolored golds and silvers. Each one is truly unique—a beautiful testament to Rocheleau’s unique vision and commitment to excellence. If you’re looking to appreciate this visionary artist’s work up close, check out your local museum or art gallery—chances are you’ll find something by John Rocheleau! You won’t be disappointed.


John Rocheleau has been a passionate artist since his early childhood. Throughout his career, he has experimented with various mediums, from painting to photography and sculpture. In recent years, he has found success with both abstract landscape and portrait photography which combine traditional elements such as composition and light manipulation with modern post-processing techniques. His works have been exhibited in numerous galleries around the world, demonstrating just how far John’s artistic journey has come. When it comes to what currently inspires him though, John looks to nature for inspiration – constantly searching for new captivating moments that capture the beauty of the outdoors. He believes that art is not only an expression of self but also an evolution of one’s understanding of life and its environment, which is reflected in his photographs as they take us on a journey through places we desire to explore further. As John continues to grow in experience and knowledge, it’s safe to say he will continue to create art that will leave us in awe for many years to come.


Artist John Rocheleau has received a variety of reactions to his work over the years, with some enjoying it and some criticizing it. While some comments have called out its overt dark themes, others have praised the unique use of colors and ‘macabre’ imagery that he employs in all his pieces. “John has an eye for curvature, texture, and line that can’t be ignored,” says one art critic. Despite any criticism, he may have received over time, John focuses on the positive aspects of being a working artist – namely being able to express himself through creative means. He understands that no artist is universally liked by everyone and simply brushes off criticisms as unimportant. His attitude is summed up well when he said: “They don’t matter because I am painting just for myself…whatever other people say does not affect me at all. This is what matters to me and hopefully, they get something from it whether they like it or hate it.”

To John Rocheleau, his artwork is a form of personal expression first and foremost; any opinions or feedback critics may offer to take a back seat to how it makes him feel about himself as an artist. In essence – what matters most to him are his own thoughts on the job he does day-in-and-day-out in order to keep expressing himself in new ways through art. All in all, his resilience during criticism is one of the many admirable aspects of John Rocheleau’s character and talent as an artist. In spite of any critiques over the years, he continues to create powerful artwork that speaks volumes about his state of mind – proving that for him art will always come first regardless of anyone else’s opinion on it. John Rocheleau is a renowned artist who has gained notoriety for his unique and complex pieces. His artwork can be found in various locations around the world, and he continues to produce new works that wow both audiences and critics alike. If you’re interested in purchasing any of Rocheleau’s art or learning more about him, please visit his website or contact one of his galleries. Thank you for reading!